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Our Story

Pond Life Aquatics is a family business that has been running for over 15 years, specialising in pond and aquarium maintenance. Situated in Finchley Nurseries Garden Center in the heart of Mill Hill, we pride ourselves in having a rustic and open atmosphere to our shop.

We sell a vast array of indoor and outdoor fish varying from Koi Carp to Neon Tetras. All of our fish are captive bred, as we feel passionately about the conservation of natural habitats. Therefore we do not support the marine trade as currently very few species are bred and thrive in captivity.

All of our aquariums and ponds are run on single filters as opposed to systems so we can ensure water quality is kept to the highest possible standard whilst negating the risk of cross contamination amongst our fish. 

Whether your pond needs a clean, you want some plants for your aquarium, or you’re looking for some new fish, Pond Life Aquatics is the business for you!

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