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Dalmatian Molly

Dalmatian Molly

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Dalmatian Mollys are bread and butter for beginner fish keepers. With an eye catching mottled black and white appearance they bring a spark of life to any tank.

These fish regularly breed in most home set ups. They will give birth to live young that will be free swimming from birth!

Like most tropical fish Mollys enjoy a planted aquarium and plenty of space to swim. They require a minimum tank size of 45L. They are quite messy fish so need to have appropriate filtration that is serviced regularly to prevent tank pollution.

Mollys are a peaceful species and will happily live alongside other community tank fish. They don't enjoy being with more aggressive fish such as Angels or Cichlids as they will become stressed with the nipping that will ensue.

Mollys will happily take most tropical fish foods but enjoy variety. Try feeding a mixture of granulated food, flakes, live, and frozen food to see your Mollys show off their true colours.


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