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API Aqua-Detox
API Aqua-Detox/Nitra-Zorb Filtration Media
API Aqua-Detox/Nitra-Zorb Filtration Media
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Load image into Gallery viewer, API Aqua-Detox/Nitra-Zorb Filtration Media
Load image into Gallery viewer, API Aqua-Detox/Nitra-Zorb Filtration Media

API Aqua-Detox/Nitra-Zorb Filtration Media

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Maintaining proper water quality is possibly the most important aspect of fishkeeping. API Aqua-Detox Filtration Media is a rechargeable medium made of natural and synthetic ion-exchange resins that selectively removes ammonia nitrite and nitrate from freshwater aquariums. High levels of nitrites and nitrates in aquarium water can lead to increased levels of fish stress and disease, especially in new aquarium set-ups where the biological filtration has not yet matured.


Rinse pouch under tap water. Place pouch in path of water flow in the aquarium filter. For a new aquarium or when ammonia or nitrite is detected: recharge every 5 days for the first month, and then every 2 weeks for the second month. For an established aquarium: recharge every 2 weeks. When nitrate is detected: recharge every 5 days until nitrate is reduced to 20ppm (mg/L) or less. Replace pouch after 2 months.

To recharge, dissolve 4 tablespoons (80 g) of API AQUARIUM SALT in 8 oz. (240 ml) of warm tap water. Soak pouch for 2 hours, then rinse lightly in tap water. When not in use, store pouch in recharging solution.


The actual pouch is 7" x 7"square, but because of the media, the final dimensions are 7" x 6.5" inches. The pouch is sized to sit nicely in one of the baskets of canister filters. All of the size 6 pouches (PHOS-ZORB™ filtration media, NITRA-ZORB filtration media, BIO-CHEM ZORB™ filtration media, ACTIVATED CARBON, etc.) will be this size. This pouch does not have any stiffness to it, and may easily be placed in the back of a hang-on-back filter, or other sizes of a canister filter. If the filter is very small, the pouch can be cut open and partial contents can be put into a small filter sock.

API NITRA-ZORB filtration media should not fully replace other media; it is for temporary use only.

API NITRA-ZORB filtration media specifically works to target and remove ammonia, nitrites, and nitrates from your aquarium, all of which are harmful at high levels for your fish. Use API NITRA-ZORB filtration media if these levels consistently spike. Contrarily, API BIO-CHEM ZORB filtration media works to remove more general aquarium pollutants, such as colors, odors, heavy metals, and toxic gases. API PHOS-ZORB filtration media specifically targets phosphate and silicate in aquarium water.

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