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Betta Fish (Siamese Fighter)

Betta Fish (Siamese Fighter)

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Bettas have come into the limelight in recent years for fish keepers new to the hobby and its easy to see why. They come in a wide variety of colours sporting stunning tails that come in an array of shapes and sizes.

Bettas need a minimum tank size of only 5L which makes them the ideal fish for a starter aquarium. Hailing from South East Asia, they prefer their water on the warmer side between 24-28 oC. They require good filtration that doesn't cause too much disturbance of the water, as they can be weak swimmers. Plants are a must for a Betta as they will regularly hide and build their nests around them. A bare tank is a sure fire way to a stressed Betta.

In terms of tank mates, Bettas are more than happy to live alone in a small tank. They will happily live in larger tanks with docile fish that won't attack their fins such as Corydoras catfish or Harelquin Rasbora.

Bettas will flourish when given a wide variety of food. They will happily take Granule, Flake, Frozen, Or live foods. 


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