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Black Neon Tetra

Black Neon Tetra

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Black Neon Tetras have a striking black band down their flanks and look fantastic in a heavily planted aquarium. In terms of tank mates, Neons are easy going. They are not aggressive generally and therefore can be kept with most community fish. They shouldn't be kept with anything that can fit them in their mouths as they will likely start going missing... Unfortunately they may sometimes nip other fish that have large tails e.g. Bettas. That being said, you will regularly hear stories of them being kept with no such issue, so it is really up to you. Neons are shoaling fish and should therefore be kept in groups. Realistically you want to be keeping them in groups of 10+ to avoid stress and for them to really thrive.

Neons aren't fussy eaters and will happily take a variety of foods. Pellet/flake food should make up the majority of their diet. Live mini Blood Worm or Daphnia will be happily devoured. Frozen foods are also a much loved treat.


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