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Black Phantom Tetra

Black Phantom Tetra

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Black Phantom Tetras are a stunning edition to any community tank. With a striking body shape and interesting pattern, they are a favourite here at Pond Life Aquatics.

Black Phantom Tetras require a minimum tank size of 45L.  Planted aquariums with plenty of shade are a must for this species. They particularly enjoy floating plants for cover. Bog Wood and Catappa Leaf will be very much appreciated. They require good filtration and regular maintenance. In terms of temperature they are quite easy going and will be happy between 22 oC and 28 oC.

In terms of tank mates they are a shoaling fish and should be kept in groups of 6+ to avoid stress. They are largely docile and will be happily kept alongside other community fish. They look particularly stunning alongside their cousins the Red Phantom Tetra.

When it comes to food Phantoms will take pretty much anything; Granules, Flake, Frozen, Or Live Food will happily be eaten. Like most fish, variety is appreciated.


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