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Hornwort 'Ceratophyllum demersum' (Pot)

Hornwort 'Ceratophyllum demersum' (Pot)

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Hornwort is renowned for its high tolerance in various water conditions, making it formidable plant and ideal for beginners.

Hornwort is commonly added to tanks for its appearance, swaying movement and oxygenating capabilities.

Additionally, it helps to keep the tank clear as it absorbs a small amount of fish waste. This also lightens the workload on your filter.

Similar to Java Moss, Hornwort may also act a shelter and nursery for fry.

Can be left to float or rooted in substrate, giving you further aquascaping freedom.

Ideal for high light intensity tanks.

Hornwort is fast growing and as such it is possible that it can grow to cover the surface of the tank, preventing light from reaching rooted plants. To avoid this, some maintenance is required to manage the size of the plant.

Suitable for aquarium temperatures between 15 and 30 degrees celsius.


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