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NT Labs Aquarium Tonic Salt 300g

NT Labs Aquarium Tonic Salt 300g

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From the award winning line of water treatments from NT LABS comes their excellent Tonic Salt. Internal salt levels are as important for fish as it is for humans, increasing the salinity levels of your aquarium water can help the process of osmoregulation when your fish are stressed or fighting off disease. Tonic salt is also a useful tool when adding new fish to your aquarium.

How to use:

  • Dissolve the required amount in a small volume of aquarium water before adding to your aquarium.
  • To use as a General Tonic – add 1g / L
  • To support recovery from Wounds/Parasites – add 3g/L
  • To control Nitrite levels – add 1g/L
  • New Fish Dip - add 25g / L. Place new arrivals in a net and dip them for up to 1 minute in a separate container


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