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Waterlife Nova+

Waterlife Nova+

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Waterlife have brought out a new Natural Tea Tree Remedy for freshwater aquariums. 

Waterlife Nova+ treats parasites, bacteria and fungus in freshwater aquariums and is a great all round treatment, perfect for beginners finding it hard to diagnose a possible illness and also for seasoned professionals. Nova+ uses the natural effects of tea tree to treat parasites such as Trichodina, Velvet, Chilodenella, gill and body flukes, bacterial infections such as fin rot and many more...


Remove any zeolite or carbon from the filtration and switch off any UV sterilizers. 
Add 2.5ml per 25 litres every day for 5 days then carry out a 50% water change. 

A 250ml bottle is sufficient for a 5 day course on a 500litre (110 Gal.) aquarium.


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